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 Buy and sell energy:

  • Join our energy trading community in an Australian first! 
  • Use a ground-breaking, democratic way to buy and sell electricity
  • Choose to trade directly with family & friends or businesses that you nominate
  • Sell or even donate your excess solar to other community members at prices you set
  • If you don’t have solar, you can buy from other members of the community
  • Set your community trade preferences to get the prices you want for your solar energy (set a max buy price or min sell price)
  • Default usage is charged at Energy Locals’ wholesale prices
  • No exit fees or lock-in contracts
  • Trades will be reconciled on your monthly Energy Locals statement


How does it work?


Energy Locals has teamed up with Enosi to offer a unique community energy scheme, where you can buy or sell excess solar generation to other members at prices set by the community members themselves. We believe in a world in which customers can generate solar power and share it with their neighbours or indeed anyone in a broad community. Instead of a single rate for electricity, trades are agreed between community members in three stages…. 


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How does it work?

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 Do I need to have solar?   Which regions is this available in? 

 No, peer-to-peer energy trading works best when there's a mixture of customers with solar and customers without. This is because many solar PV systems export to the grid at the same time, meaning we need customers without solar to buy their excess power. 

 We're welcoming registrations from customers in NSW, south east QLD, SA, ACT and Victoria.  

 Do customers need to be with Energy Locals?   Can I trade the entire cost of energy?

 Yes, all customers need to be on the normal Energy Locals membership plan so that we can facilitate the trades. Energy Locals was launched in early 2017 to kill off the traditional energy model, which frankly isn't working for anyone. We partner with a range of technology and commercial organisations to give you cheaper, cleaner energy without the normal tricks. 

 You can trade the entire wholesale component, which normally makes up between a third and a half of the average bill. The remainder of the usage rate is made up of network and environmental costs. For example, if a normal usage rate is 23 cents/kWh, the unavoidable network and environmental costs could be 14 cents/kWh. The part that can be traded is the 9 cents/kWh wholesale cost. You'll see these cost breakdowns when you're logged into the Enosi platform. 

Do I need a smart meter?  What will I buy and sell at? 

 Yep, you do. Peer-to-peer trading uses smart technology and a basic meter with a sloooowly turning dial just doesn't cut it. If you're got solar you probably already have a smart meter. If you don't, Energy Locals can arrange for your meter to be replaced. Just contact us about this after you sign up. 

 You decide the minimum price you're willing to sell your solar for and the maximum price you're willing to buy energy for. The Enosi platform will try to match your preferences with people who are willing to buy/sell within the price ranges you set. If there isn't a match, the normal Energy Locals membership rates will apply for any solar exports or grid usage. 

 When can I start making trades?  What are the rates?

 Register your interest today and we'll be in touch to invite the first customers to join within a couple of days. After you've joined you'll receive an email from Enosi, inviting you to create a profile on their platform. You'll be able to start trading as soon as your transfer to Energy Locals is complete. From the date you join it normally takes between 2-4 weeks for that to complete, depending on your region and whether your current retailer does anything silly to slow things down.

 If you don't have trading matches and need to trade with the normal grid, you'll pay the normal Energy Locals wholesale rates and receive the normal feed in tariff. Rates and Basic Plan Information Documents are published here (just select the 'Member Promise' option).

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Please note:

☼  All trading community users need to be on the normal Energy Locals membership plan ($4.50 per week inc GST with all other charges at wholesale prices)
☼  Nominated trades must be accepted by both parties
☼  Community trades are subject to there being an available counterparty at your preferred price
☼  Energy Locals’ standard ‘Anytime’ member rates and feed-in-tariff will apply when there are no available trading partners 
☼  Fixed network and environmental charges, as required by regulation, will be added to all trades
☼  Traded energy is bought/sold at the same time; electricity cannot be stored and traded later